How to create a shirt that makes you the most money

How to create a shirt that makes you the most money

How to create a shirt that makes you the most money.

Are you considering doing a T-shirt fundraiser to fund your cause/business/charity?  Exciting!

The primary reason for a fundraising campaign is just that, raise funds… and the more the better. A fundamental component of revenue is the profit margin [sales (or donations) minus all expenses divided by revenue]. The key to low profit margins and big revenue is keeping expenses down, both the hard and soft costs.

  • Hard costs: materials and labor expenses pertaining to the creation and running of the fundraiser – such as equipment and supplies, printing costs.
  • Soft costs: expense items not directly associated with creating and running the fundraiser – such as taxes, permits and fees.

If your fundraising campaign involves selling t-shirts the largest hard cost will be the screen printing (of the design onto the shirts). The simplest method to keep printing costs down of your t-shirt fundraiser is limit the amount of colors in the design. Each color in a design adds to the printing cost…the more colors, the higher the printing cost. With 30 years of screen-printing under our belt, Fundraiser Tees can confidently claim that, if done correctly, using 1 or 2 colors can be just as impactful as an 8-color design.

Ideas for low cost, high revenue t-shirts:


Shirt Color

Choose a bright or unique shirt color that can be integrated into the design. Next use 1 or 2-colors, such as black or white ink. If you’re thinking these two ink colors have a reputation of being boring. Think again! When paired with a uniquely colored shirt, black and/or white ink will not only POP and SHINE, they will deliver the most revenue!

Bold Colors

Using bright or neon ink colors printed on a neutral colored shirt results in a t-shirt that really STANDS OUT in a crowd — drawing attention to your cause. You’ll achieve the highest profit margin printing a bold ink color on a light shirt. Another good option would be printing a bold ink color on a contrasting colored shirt. Both are budget friendly without losing the WOW factor.


Adding a gradient or distress pattern to your design can transform a simple design into something extraordinary. Halftone patterns are made of discrete dots (pixels) rather than a continuous color. The pixelation creates a shadowing effect resulting in the illusion of multiple colors — but you’re only charged for printing one color. Win-Win-Win!



Something beautiful happens when the ink color printed is similar to the t-shirt itself. This tone-on-tone technique works well when you offer only one t-shirt color/style option or a long sleeve and short sleeve shirt version in the same color. The key is to use an ink one shade darker or lighter than the t-shirt to give it a subtle, yet powerful impression.

Simple Designs

Simple designs make the big money. Pair any of the above ideas with a clean, simple design or unique font style and you’ve got a t-shirt everyone wants and is proud to wear!  These are good practices for a successful T-shirt fundraiser.

Bottom line,

don’t be afraid of simple colors and designs. Play around with shirt colors and ink colors and let your imagination go wild!

Do you want some professional input? The in-house artist at Fundraiser Tees is the cosumate design pro and would be happy to help you out!

What We Do

We make the process so easy to sell shirts for charity causes it really sounds to good to be true. We create your custom online store; the store presents your product and your cause and takes orders and payment.  Here is an example.
We then print your shirts and ship them to your customers. Think about it: you do not have to hire a website designer. You do not have to create an online portal to accept paypalcredit card payments. No time is spent on your part collecting the order, guessing quantities of sizes, collecting funds, dispersing the product correctly, etc. etc.
The only thing you have to do is go to your mailbox and get your profit check. To tell you the truth, this is a game changer. If you have ever been put in charge of a t-shirt
order before you know this to be true.

Are you ready to get started?

For those under 35 years of age, we understand: you do not want to talk to a human. That is why we offer an online form to fill out to let us know what you and your
cause is all about. (note: we do not just do fundraisers, we sell tees for any organization and purpose). If you are old school, please contact Mandy, who handles
all things administrative. She will get your questions answered and get you rolling on your free online store. It is truly exciting! See some of our other blog posts about
some of our success stories.

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Mandy Martinez

Mandy Martinez


Mandy is all things admin + production management + customer service.  Need to talk to someone about your order?  She’s your girl.

Fundraiser Tees! Such a great idea, easy no-hassle way raise money. Working with Fundraiser Tees is a no-brainer - the team is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. The webstore and t-shirt design the artist created for me were top-notch, he is very talented.

Tim Alan

Medical Expenses

Medical Expenses

Medical Expenses for Pat Farnham


Your help is urgently needed 

Pat is a bright and bubbly 26 year old from Eastwood in Alabama. She loves school, cooking, skincare, and music.

In October Pat was diagnosed with a aggressive malignant brainstem tumour called Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma H3 K27MK. This is a tumour of the central nervous system that affects sight, hearing, speech, swallow, breathing and heart rate.


After extensive research there are clinical trials emerging in the US that show very promising results. Some of our friends and family have already kicked off some successful fundraising events for us.

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WOW, this shirt!  Perfect message. Quality printing. Soft and comfortable. Proud to Wear!
#americanstrong   – Susan Paige

You can’t go wrong with Fundraiser Tees, customer service is top-notch. And the artist is so talented, he turned my simple idea into an awesome custom design. The quality is soooooo much better and cheaper than what you can get from those other outfits [like Custom Ink].   -Tim Alan

Who doesn’t love a good t-shirt.  I’m not a salesman and don’t need to be with Fundraiser Tees —  with the excellent webstore and t-shirt designs they created for me…the shirts sell themselves!   – Frances Lynn

Sean Davis is organizing this fund raiser

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All profits go to Dallas Animal Shelter.  All tees are screen printed on 100% cotton high quality garments.  No cheap transfers on super-thin tees here!

This is a full front 4 color print on 100% cotton Custom Colors tee that will be shipped to you via Fed Ex when the T-Shirt order deadline is reached.


This is a full front 4 color print on 100% cotton Custom Colors tee that will be shipped to you via Fed Ex when the T-Shirt order deadline is reached.


This is a full front 4 color print on 100% cotton Custom Colors tee that will be shipped to you via Fed Ex when the T-Shirt order deadline is reached.


MakING a Donation

Not interested in a tee?  No problem, you can just make a donation via credit card or Paypal here. 

Children of God – Gildan 5000 – Black

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