T-Shirt Campaign Profits

Easily raise money for your community or cause by selling custom t-shirts. 

Your t-shirt fundraiser profit is calculated by the amount you charge minus the blank shirt cost and printing cost. Like a tradtional order with a wholesale screen printer, the more shirts that sell the cheaper the printing will be…. and the larger your profit margin will be!  There are no other charges involved unless you want to hire our graphic artist or add more garment styles and designs.

What should i charge per campaign tee?

We recommend making the price similar to what a typical high-end retail t-shirt sells for online.  This way you will sell more and make more.  Presently, a multi-color print tee will go for 25-28.00 on other sites.  However, if you do just a one color print design you may want to consider a little less.  Do not fret, the quality of garments we use and screen printing inks printed are top notch.  Your customers will never think they have paid too much.

How much will you make?

Example: Light gray Gildan brand tee, 100% cotton t-shirt with 2 colors on 1 side, selling for $25

  • Sell 25: $250

  • Sell 50:  $510

  • Sell 100:  $1,050

  • Sell 500:  $5,575

  • Sell 1,000:  $12,000

No Risk, No Inventory, All Success.

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Have a large order of 145 + garments and do not need a store?  Excellent!  Check out Southwest Sportswear!

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Have an order of 24-144 pieces and all you need is the printing?  No problem, we do that!  Check out Rimshot T-Shirts

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For all your graphic design needs, (logos, illustration, etc.) check out John's site at Rimshot Graphix.

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