Marketing Your T Shirt Fundraising Site!

Here are some pointers to help your t-shirt campaign get more sales.
Marketing is crucial for promoting your online t shirt fundraising site. Communicating to the masses has come a long way from carrier pigeons and town criers.  Today the top marketing avenues are radio, newspapers, tv, and… (drum roll, please) the WORLD WIDE WEB!  And with the web comes Social Media. Social Media is your secret weapon for marketing an online t shirt fundraiser site.


Social Media & T Shirt Fundraising

Social media is the best tool to present your fundraising cause to the world. The world – that’s a lot of eyeballs…and pocketbooks! Luckily the world is easily accessible with popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Periscope – okay, you get the idea, the possibilities for marketing your t shirt fundraising site with social media are numerous

Elements of a Successful Social Media Post


  1.       Captivating image

The first step to a creating social post is an image to capture attention and motivate interest.  Create a custom image yourself using an app such as Canva or even easier, use the (free) image FundraiserTees creates for your t shirt fundraising site (we call them webstores) – these images feature models wearing your custom design.


  1.       Supporting Message

Your image needs supporting information – a message tailored to the social media platform of choice and its audience. Write a short, sweet and interesting story to grab attention:  the who-what-why-how. Consider explaining how donations will make a difference, give the potential donor a reason to care (tug hard on those heart strings!).  


  1.       Call to action

Wrap up your message with a Call to Action, create a sense of urgency to donate now (rather than later). Including a store closing date is the simplest form of Call to Action.  Next, make it easy for donors – include a weblink direct to your online fundraising webstore.  


  1.       #Hashtag

Create a memorable #hashtag to include on your posts. Hashtags are a popular way to brand your cause and tie together the different elements of your marketing efforts.  The hashtag needs to be relevant and unique to your online t shirt fundraiser.  Be sure to do a hashtag search beforehand so you’re not promoting another cause or associated with a negative topic.

Post, Share & Get Seen

Now that you’ve created an engaging post – it’s time to post, promote and share, share, share. You’ve heard the term “gone viral”, right? That’s your goal. How? Encourage your network of friends, family and favorite influencers to help you solicit support and donations from their network of followers.

Many social media algorithms are designed to give preference to posts that receive a lot of traffic: likes, comments, saves and shares. To “beat the system” you’ve got to get people to engage and interact. This will improve your chances of getting your post seen, gain supporters and most importantly get donations!  

Here at we love t shirts and want you to have a successful online t shirt fundraiser. We offer this advice:  when it comes to fundraising, you don’t want to be seen as always asking for money.  A good rule of thumb is the 80/20 technique. This means no more than 20% of your posts are requests for donations. To keep your followers from tuning out, keep 80% of your posts interesting, entertaining and educational about your cause.    

Short on time? Having a creative block? Have no fear! WE CAN HELP 

Our creative team at can design a viral worthy picture + description that you can use on all social media platforms!  Email Mandy for rates.



What We Do

We make the process so easy to sell shirts for charity causes it really sounds to good to be true. We create your custom online store; the store presents your product and your cause and takes orders and payment.  Here is an example.
We then print your shirts and ship them to your customers. Think about it: you do not have to hire a website designer. You do not have to create an online portal to accept paypalcredit card payments. No time is spent on your part collecting the order, guessing quantities of sizes, collecting funds, dispersing the product correctly, etc. etc.
The only thing you have to do is go to your mailbox and get your profit check. To tell you the truth, this is a game changer. If you have ever been put in charge of a t-shirt
order before you know this to be true.

Are you ready to get started?

For those under 35 years of age, we understand: you do not want to talk to a human. That is why we offer an online form to fill out to let us know what you and your
cause is all about. (note: we do not just do fundraisers, we sell tees for any organization and purpose). If you are old school, please contact Mandy, who handles
all things administrative. She will get your questions answered and get you rolling on your free online store. It is truly exciting! See some of our other blog posts about
some of our success stories.

Hit Us Up

Mandy Martinez

Mandy Martinez


Mandy is all things admin + production management + customer service.  Need to talk to someone about your order?  She’s your girl.

Fundraiser Tees! Such a great idea, easy no-hassle way raise money. Working with Fundraiser Tees is a no-brainer - the team is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. The webstore and t-shirt design the artist created for me were top-notch, he is very talented.

Tim Alan

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Marketing Your T Shirt Fundraising Site!

Marketing Your T Shirt Fundraising Site! Here are some pointers to help your t-shirt campaign get more sales. Marketing is crucial for promoting your online t shirt fundraising site. Communicating to the masses has come a long way from carrier pigeons and town...

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Perfect For Schools.

One of the biggest gripes we get from our clients who are teachers is the headache they have to endure to raise money for their school or organization.  They get a student to submit art, and since it was drawn with markers or made on a phone app, it is no good for production.  So they have to deal with a grumpy artist (me) to get that going.  Then they have to get permission slips signed and collected.  Then they have to collect everyone's money.  Then, once the order is completed they have to go over all the orders and hope they dispense the shirts right.  With Fundraiser Tees, all of that goes away.  Now it's just the parents whipping out their credit card at home (which that is their preferred method any way)...and THAT'S IT.

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