The fifth highest paid actor in Hollywood

needed cash and needed it fast.  This beloved actor’s lavish lifestyle had him in an estimated 40-million dollar deficit.  150-foot yachts don’t come cheap ($18 million) and $4 million lost on a failed record label did not help.  So what did Mr. Depp do so he could continue spending $30,000 a month on wine, $300,000 a month to maintain a 40-person staff, $150,000 a month for 24-hour security, $200,000 a month on private planes? He had an online e-commerce store set up by Fundraiser Tees to sell t-shirts to all of his fans, friends, and family.  It is reported the venture was so successful he was able to afford the $3 million dollars needed to blast journalistic legend Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon.

…It could have happened…

Perfect For Schools.

One of the biggest gripes we get from our clients who are teachers is the headache they have to endure to raise money for their school or organization.  They get a student to submit art, and since it was drawn with markers or made on a phone app, it is no good for production.  So they have to deal with a grumpy artist (me) to get that going.  Then they have to get permission slips signed and collected.  Then they have to collect everyone’s money.  Then, once the order is completed they have to go over all the orders and hope they dispense the shirts right.  With Fundraiser Tees, all of that goes away.  Now it’s just the parents whipping out their credit card at home (which that is their preferred method any way)…and THAT’S IT.

Help Us Build a Better Store!

Are you like me and chock full of opinions?

Go to this store mockup and let us know what’s missing.  What would be a cool function that would make you more likely to buy?  Is their some info that needs to be present?  Go ahead, let us have it!  Email me, John.

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